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Art is a calling for Romana (Romi) a self taught artist who has tinkered with creativity in many small and big ways all her life. While living in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the USA, she always maintained her artistic aspirations through training and unique projects from murals, ceilings and custom paintings. She has been very busy creating custom olde world and modern faux finishes and murals for residential and commercial properties. This has also given her education about many Faux products and their use. Her work includes not only faux finishes but also large scale murals and Trompe l’oeil commissions. It has been lots of fun and hard work which is keeping her hands and brushes very busy. Today she continues to explore her creative journey and she is very excited to apply her knowledge of Faux finishing techniques to large scale paintings. Tapping into the creative potential we all carry with us is a fantastic journey.